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How I work

Psychodynamic counselling is a structured way of working, we meet once a week at the same time and in the same place to create an environment in which you can feel safe and comfortable. My way of counselling is open-ended which means we meet as many or as few times as you wish and you can bring whatever it is you wish to talk about.  

It may well be that you are unsure what particular issue it maybe you want to explore, it may be a feeling or a sense that something is not right or that you are not able to live your life in the way that you want to.  Without a defined issue, it can be incredibly helpful to be given the space to see what comes up and be curious about where a feeling may come from.


I have worked with clients who have brought many different experiences. 

I often work with clients who are managing life-stage issues, low self-esteem, anxiety (including social anxiety), depression, loneliness, low confidence, and difficulties with identity and sexuality.  I have supported people struggling with bereavement and loss, including suicide bereavement, those bereaved through drug or alcohol-related death, and ambiguous loss.


Some of the family issues I have worked with include estrangement, relationship difficulties, pre- and post-natal depression, and worries about being a parent. I have experience in working with parents of children on the autism spectrum. 

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