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Psychoeducation and Group Work

Psychoeducation is a way of helping people understand more about mental health and how to cope with difficulties. 

As a group facilitator at West Kent Mind, I have facilitated groups focusing on art, music, gardening, mindfulness and other activities to help people find healthy coping skills. 

I was trained by National Mind to become a Mums Matter" practitioner and delivered this service in West Kent.  Mums Matter is a perinatal mental health service designed and developed for Mums.  

I recently co-wrote and facilitated the updated Life Skills course at West Kent Mind helping people to understand moods and behaviour including; 

  • anxiety, depression, and related problems

  • how your thinking affects your mood and behaviour

  • how negative moods and behaviours are maintained

  • how to challenge unhelpful thinking

  • how to develop and use a range of strategies to help you manage mood and behaviour


If your organisation would benefit from running some psychoeducation courses or groups, please do contact me to discuss what you might be looking for.   I can write courses tailored to your organisational requirements and have experience of delivering training both online and in person. 

Please note that I cannot deliver Mums Matter or Life Skills privately as these are Mind products. 

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