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Would you and your child benefit from mindfulness? Mindfulness is an amazing way to help children, relax, manage difficult feelings including anxiety, and helping to build emotional resilience. 


I have taught mindfulness both privately in schools and nurseries in the Sevenoaks area for a number of years. These classes range from private one-to-one classes to lunchtime clubs and courses for families to learn together.  I recently took part in a summer activities program run by Sevenoaks District Council, delivering mindfulness classes for children and young people.    I have trained with Relax Kids and the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

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Children's mindfulness crafts

In my classes, I aim to help children develop their emotional literacy and learn coping mechanisms including relaxation and mindfulness to manage stress and build resilience.  We use therapeutic games, stretching, and movement before exploring the concepts of mindfulness and using creativity to support psychoeducation. I believe that learning about how our brains can be so empowering for our children.  We learn how to breathe correctly and will practice mindfulness exercises and meditation.

The aim is to develop tools that can be used to help your child relax, calm their nervous system and start to develop the ability to be aware of their own emotions and how to manage them.

Please do contact me if you wish to attend a course that I am running or to arrange a course for your school or child. 

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